Mariano Zafra
visual journalist

Since October 2019 I lead the Graphic and Storytelling team of El País, in Madrid. During the last four years I worked as a Graphics Reporter for special projects in The Wall Street Journal, in New York, and I started and led the Infographic and Data Visualization Department of Univision News in Miami. Before moving to the United States, I spent fourteen years working at the two most prominent national daily newspapers in Spain: El Mundo and El País.

My work as a graphic editor both alone and in teamwork has been recognised with thirty different awards from the SND (Society of Newspaper Design), Malofiej (known as the Pulitzer of infographics), as well as by the Inter American Press Association and the Sunshine State Awards. I was part of the winning team for the Periodismo Ortega y Gasset award in 2014 and 2017.

My passion for my work has increased throughout the years and I believe my best work is yet to come. Teamwork is indispensable to me and it has provided me with a wider perspective. Thanks to my colleagues I am a better professional.

Although I conceive all kinds of projects, I have a predilection for breaking news graphics. I consider them the dynamo of my profession. I am ardent about extracting the very best of my skills in the shortest time possible. I am always building up so that my next graphic is superior than the last. I am currently passionate about cartography and the design and programming of interactive graphics for mobile.


• Bachelor’s degree from the Universidad de Navarra (1996-2000)

• Professional Master of Design and Adaptive Web Development (CICE, 2013)

• Professional Advanced Infographic Course and Composition with 3Ds Max and Nuke X (CICE, 2012)

• The Complete Javascript course (Udemy, 2017)


• Team management

• Search, writing and design of visual journalistic stories

• Data Analysis

• Journalistic cartography with QGIS

• 3D modeling oriented to journalism

• Printed and interactive infographics

• Illustration by computer and by hand

• Animation









Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Hype

3D Studio Max, Sketchup



Excel, InZight

D3, Javascript

After Effects, Final Cut